personalised nutrition program

specialised nutrition support with UFIT

We’ve partnered with the team at UFIT to help you reach your performance goals!

Their team of specialist nutritionists will work with you on a strategy to have you feeling your best.

Taking into account your individual needs, lifestyle and schedule the UFIT team will build an ongoing plan that meets your performance goals.

UFIT Nutrition

UFIT aim to equip you with everything you need to implement a nutrition plan that works for you.

Their team of specialist nutritionists have the experience and skills to help you achieve a variety of fitness goals and manage a wide spectrum of conditions.

You’ll receive a comprehensive nutrition assessment, healthy recipes and meal plans all tailored for your individual needs as well as ongoing support from the entire UFIT team.

UFIT will provide the structure, motivation and support that allows you to take control of your nutrition, filtering through misconceptions around diet and working out what is truly beneficial for you.

MEET the ufit team

Wendy Riddell

Wendy riddell

Wendy Riddell is UFIT’s Director of Bootcamps and Manager of Clean and LeanSpecialising in nutrition, Wendy works closely with her clients to create tailored nutrition plans that feature regular reviews to ensure it meets their needs. Wendy is also a qualified personal trainer and has a wealth of experience in running fitness programs both in Singapore and Australia. Wendy understands first hand the challenges of balancing a healthy lifestyle with the demands of daily life, regularly competing in CrossFit competitions, half marathons, and cycling events – all while being a mother of four! 


  • BSc Nutrition – Robert Gordons University Aberdeen.
  • ACE qualified personal trainer.
  • Kettlebell training (advanced level).
  • Crosscore trainer.
  • Thump-boxing trainer (advanced level).
  • Sports Nutrition.
Pamela Ibarra UFIT

Pamela Ibarra

Being healthy to Pamela means having balance and giving the body what it needs to function properly. Pamela believes in creating practical plans for her clients, focusing on lifestyle changes that last. She finds meaning in helping her clients make small changes that make a big difference, allowing them to be happier, healthier, and perform at their best. Pamela is committed to helping her clients integrate their nutrition plans into their daily life, navigating everyday choices and schedules – working together to get the most out of their bodies.


  • B.A. Nutrition and Wellness. 
  • Level 2 ISAK Anthropometrist. 
  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Bands, Balls and More – The Cooper Institute.
  • Sports Nutrition.
Emily Whitelock UFIT Nutritionist

Emily whitelock

Emily believes in fostering positive habits that are sustainable in the long term. Thoroughly researched from her scientific studies, Emily combines her wealth of knowledge on nutrition with her fitness background. She enjoys getting to know her clients and helping them on their nutrition and fitness journey, providing specific advice and support to improve performance or change body composition. She’s focused on working towards your goals, whatever they may be!


  • Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer
  • Registered Associate Nutritionist
  • MSc Nutrition (Distinction) from The University of Leeds (UK)
  • BSc Biology (1st class) from The University of Leeds (UK)
  • Member of the Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association